Two Months Of Progress Jeopardized? Xmas Edition


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I haven’t posted in a while but it doesn’t mean I am not training. It’s been two months or so since I started including HIIT into my weekly routine. As mentioned in a prior post I now go to two gyms to accommodate this. A few weeks back the owner and trainer of Olympia Performance where I do my HIIT commented that I lost some of my belly. On the one hand the use of the word ‘belly’ had me all sorts of cringing but on the other hand it was great to see that the change was noticeable. I am by no means where I want to be but I know I am getting there. Obviously progress would be quicker if I did HIIT more than 2x a week but for now I will maintain this routine.

Of course with everything there is always obstacles to overcome… this xmas break is one of them.. I have been off for a week… which by the way has flown by… and to no surprise the urge to eat more than you should is there. From the get-togethers to restaurants it’s been non-stop. Anyway, I want to say that I haven’t put back some of what I lost. I am trying to be positive here or maybe just naive. I refuse to weight myself. Next week it’s back to the grind and back to HIIT and weights. Hopefully I can quickly erase what may have been damaged during this holiday season!


Push, Pull & Carry: That’s Where It’s At!


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Here are come quick videos of the life of push,pull and carry. My routine consists of 5 exercises. I have videos of only three.

sled suicides

This video has alot of my back side showing. Apologies for that 😀… you will also notice that I can’t complete it without stopping. So some work to do here.


I love all the exercises I do here at olympia but this one machine I love, love, love. At first I didn’t think I could handle it but turns out I can. Right now the first stretch of 40 yards always seems to be the more shaky one. I seem to get it together on the second stretch. 👍

Farmer’s walk

Notice how I swing left on the start! 😋 I mistakenly increased the weight to more than I should have so I decided to stick with it.

I was not able to get videos of the other two exercises; sled forward press and sled reverse high pull. I think once I get comfortable at olympia I will get someone to do the recording.

Fitness Models: A Faction of the Illuminati?


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I follow several fitness models on instagram. The reasons are obvious. I mean let’s call a spade a spade. They are all very attractive. And I absolutely love muscle on women. You’ll see by the photos that I’m ok with any degree of muscle on a woman (ok well maybe not any). However, the one thing that became very clear early on is that these women all seem to follow the same PlayBook. They’re constantly doling out ‘inspirational’ quotes or advice. They’re constantly telling you to love yourself and who you are (yet they are clearly trying to change who they are). They try to push out this sense of confidence yet you sense at times a degree of insecurity (and that’s ok). Some have had difficult pasts. They all seem to know each other. They all suggest that you follow the others in their circle. They’re all each others #wcw. They all support and like each others photos. A significant amount are in the nursing industry. I don’t know I just threw that in there. From time to time they post photos of themselves together. Obviously to compare notes and make sure they are always on the same page 😜. They all push products. They all offer online coaching because they all want to see you succeed. Although they are all unique in their own way. In a way they are not.

It’s not to say that everything is all harmony here. There is a faction of fitness models (there always is 😀) that like to throw shade in the direction of these so called fake fitness folks. However, if you actually pay close attention, they are actually no different.

Anyway I definitely don’t want to take away from the work that these models have put in and certainly I don’t want to put everyone in the same basket. In the end though as with alot of things now on social media… there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry as well.

Some of the ladies I follow:

Paige and Lauren.. Seem pretty awesome.. And from all accounts Paige has an amazing sense of humour. Winning!

Sophie here at one point was very raw and green and was sporting long hair… she then disappeared from social media for a while (for personal reasons) and then bammmm… short hair and a different persona is born. She was illuminati’d !!! Lol.

I left these two for last. I mean dear God look at them!! Fantastic!! Cindy and KiKi..such beautiful muscular women. Just plain awesome. KiKi needs to bring it down a few notches on the constant inspirational posts but nonetheless she’s super awesome and apparently somehow timid. Winning!

Btw I have no clue what the Illuminati is all about but I imagine like Scientology they must have different departments 😋

Week 7: The End Of This Road


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Yup. It’s the end of the road for this 12 week challenge.. And no this is not some ‘new math’. I completed week 7 two weeks ago.. During that week I decided I needed to change things up a little so i reached out to a trainer who runs a crossfit-like gym. A gym I used to go to a few years back. We sat for a consultation and as of last week I split my time between his place Olympia Performance and Buzzfit. Initially my thought was that I’d do two sessions at his place and atleast two or more at buzzfit, continuing on with this challenge.. In the end, Steve prepared my crossfit and weight training routines so the reason why I have aborted the challenge. Last week was my first on this new path and the stuff he has me doing is awesome! So exciting.. You can get an idea by checking out his instagram :

My favorite machine right now.. The one machine I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle but did 🙂 …

That’s not me in the 📸 but I will start recording myself and posting some photos and/or videos..

Fake Weights: It’s Actually A Thing


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As I wrote in a previous post I have been watching alot of body building related videos since the death of Rich Piana. I don’t know why… mostly it’s because youtube keeps suggesting the videos and sometimes that click bait title is too hard to resist 😋. Anyway one video of Rich that I did not watch implied he was using fake weights for some of his videos. I actually didn’t understand what that meant until I came across this Brad Castleberry guy. I started to see a trend of videos ‘calling out’ this guy for using fake weights in his videos… where he is breaking all kinds of lifting ‘records’. First off, this guy is one hell of a character. You seriously need to watch some of his videos just to see his antics. He definitely has a shtick. Some of the videos where he is getting called out to prove himself are funny in an awkward kind of way. You can actually see that he’s nervous. In one video the guy who is calling him out is in good shape himself. Not like castleberry but good enough. Brad asks the people around them who they think is the actual bodybuilder of the two.. One woman says ‘both’… she’s right. The only difference is that one of them uses steroids. Guess which one… Mr. Castleberry in all his glory.

I won’t add any links to his videos or his instagram … an easy search will get you there. Enjoy the show.

So basically fake weights are weights that are sized and mislabelled to make it look like they are heavier than they really are.

Honest to God.. Paging Eminem again.

Week 6: 3 Weeks In The Making


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Yes, I am still alive! However, the last three weeks have been hell in the migraine department. After two weeks of only being able to hit the gym one time, I was able to get in the three days this week and barely at that. I am a migraine sufferer. To be honest I don’t know what triggers them. I can go to bed fine and wake up with a migraine. Ya, fun stuff. Recently however the migraines are being triggered by a tooth pain. Over two months ago I had a filling replaced on the suggestion of the dentist. Since then I have had to deal with sensitivity on that tooth. Initially I was only feeling the pain when cold or hot hit the tooth… the pain was more pronounced with cold though. Sooo painful. Anyway he gave me some medication which has done zero for the pain in what is now over a month. As well now, since Friday, things have escalated and I am in more pain. I am experiencing pain throughout the day and it’s really messing up my day to day. Well, let’s be straight here it’s been messing up my day to day for a couple months but now it’s unbearable. During this three week period I have also been very inconsistent with using the clear muscle product. I will get back to it this week but I think this ‘experiment’ is no longer legit. In any case I have decided once I complete the bottle I will no longer be using this product again. I will finish off this 12 week challenge but I decided to get a trainer for maybe a month or so. I am looking at 2 workout sessions/week with a trainer while I finish off this 12 week challenge. I feel I need to change things up a little.

Supplement + Fitness Industry: So Shady (and not the slim kind)


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I warn you this post may be all over the place. Not a rant but definitely all over the place. Since Rich’s death I have been watching tons of his videos on YouTube. I don’t know why. Since we all know google stalks your every move, YouTube started to suggest other videos and so I did watch some of them. My god, this industry is so shady and cutthroat! You honestly don’t know who to believe and trust. I don’t know why that surprises me considering the supplement industry is alot of smoke and mirrors. So basically what I have learned. They are all liars.. Or atleast they live in their own truth. Funny enough, it’s always everyone else that is the scumbag, the liar, the one selling shit. My god, it’s actually laughable. It’s a soap opera.

So through all this video watching I came across some characters I already knew of and some new ones. I don’t know any of these people personally only what I am hearing/seeing.

Rich Piana, depending who put out a video was either a godsend or a not so good person and a phony.

Jason Genova from what I gather is on the autistic side. True or not it doesn’t excuse the fact that he appears to be a terrible person.. At the same time though it certainly seems like he gets used and abused for amusement which is horrible.

JP Braun sure comes across like he could be a scumbag. It turns out I knew of him because I follow Celeste Bonin on instagram. I mean dear God who wouldn’t follow her. Goddess… anyway she married this guy and I blinked and all of a sudden they were divorced. There are always two sides to every story but my gut tells me that Celeste’s story is more truth than anything that comes out of this guys mouth. I was also following blackstone labs on instagram. I no longer do.

Joey Swolls I was following him on instagram only because I thought I needed to follow some dudes in the Fitness world because it’s all ladies all the time for me 😋… but you know from day one I could tell he’s a bit of a douche.. And ya, I no longer follow him. Mr. *cough* roids Shredz.

There is so much deception in the world of fitness and supplements. I mean I haven’t watched tons of videos so I just scratched the surface here. Imagine what kind of shit happens on a daily basis in this industry. All I know is that just going through these videos has me thinking I need to re-evaluate things and decide once and for all where I want to go with supplements. At the very least I have to be more selective of what I put in my body and who I am giving my hard earned money to.

Week 5: new stuff in the mix


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I don’t smoke nor do I do drugs (unless you count supplements). However, I don’t know what the hell I was smoking when I wrote a few posts back that this 12 week challenge is a repetition of the same exercises over and over. Nope. No it isn’t. Case in point; my three sessions this week.

There you have it. Variation. Which makes alot more sense than what I thought was happening!!! I have to say that if nothing much comes out of this 12 week challenge atleast it got me out of the mundane routine I was in prior. To boot, I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating the 12 weeks atleast one more time.

Supplement Industry: highest paid con artist


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My love for weight training started at a young age. I think it first happened with my interest in comic books. My favorite is Hulk and to no surprise the first body builder that I took interest in was Lou Ferrigno. I got to meet him at a Montreal comic con a few years back. Anyway I remember back in high school we had a husband/wife tandem as our PE teachers. Both were in great shape and both were into the whole weight lifting thing. So much so that they ran an after school program for those students that were interested in pushing weights. I was one such kid. Unfortunately I grew up small in my high school days and they refused to take me on account of that whole stunt your growth thing. It was obviously pretty devastating to me but once I hit college I also hit the gym. Through the years I got to meet guys in the circle and one such guy was a well built human who worked as a sales Rep for Weider. He got me introduced to the life of supplements. On and off I have been taking supplements for over twenty years. From protein to creatine to fat burners to energy drinks. I think I tried everything. Atleast it feels that way. I don’t even want to think about how much $ I have dropped on all these products. I also don’t want to think about what all these years has done to my insides.

I recently read a not so flattering article on the supplement industry. I am so angry at myself for not safe guarding the url and I cannot find it either in my browser history. Honestly it should not really come as a surprise to me. I have been around the block a few times and yes I am still using supplements but in the end I do know that there are alot of shady companies out there making a pretty penny and delivering shit. It’s so unregulated. For the last few years my supplements of choice have been whey protein and creatine. Yes, I am currently trying ‘clear muscle’ but I have decided that after I am done the bottle that’s it. Back to protein and creatine and nothing else.

I do follow alot of fitness folks on instagram and yes from time to time I do pick up a muscle and fitness and it’s hard not to get caught up in it At the end of the day though there is alot of deception. Most if not all of these people who are pushing a product are also taking something else. Yes, their lifestyle allows them to be at the gym alot. And yes, they are making gains but its hard to buy into it fully.. And yet sometimes I still do.

Recently two well known bodybuilders died. I don’t know either personally but I think we can all agree that they were not in any way ‘natural’. I actually believe that Piana was upfront about his use. In the end they push products but their gains were as a result of something else altogether; steroids. In both cases unfortunately it was also their downfall. Believe it or not I actually have no pblm with folks using steroids. When I hear people talk about how fake it is, it drives me bonkers. It’s not fake. Sure, you are using steroids to make quicker gains but the gains are still you. Fake are those that get chest or arm or butt implants as the quick path to muscle gains. Take for example this dude…

What in the hell is this? His nipples alone can take out an army!! Here you have a guy that is injecting himself with synthol.. Petrol, whatever. This is fake and disturbing. A few years back I watched a documentary on this. He’s one of a few featured in a magazine recently. This is not healthy on many levels.

Truth be told, with all the $$$ I spent on supplements over the years I could have invested in roids instead and be wayyy ahead of the game right now. Anyway, the biggest fear and issue with roids, as is the case with any drug… addiction. Once you see those gains it’s hard to want to cycle off or get off the stuff altogether. It’s what I fear the most and why I think I haven’t taken the plunge. I think moving forward I will make my supplement use a bare minimum.

Btw that well built human that first introduced me to supplements always denied using steroids but we all knew better ;).