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I started to think that this blog shouldn’t be ‘all business’ … Need to add some fun and interesting tidbits.. So here’s one…

I really try my best to eat right.. And as such I also make it a point of persuading the soccer team to do the same. The importance of eating well not just on game day but every day… But hey, they are 13 years olds after all! Anyway, from time to time I like to treat them to ice cream.. As mentioned previously I go to Monster gym and like any other gym it has its share of muscle heads and plastic barbie dolls (not that I am complaining 😉 ) and so last week while at DQ, one of these muscle heads comes in for some DQ… I, seeing him leaned over to a friend and said ‘so that’s the secret! All this time I thought it was the steroids.’. I, for one, will not DQ it to see if in fact that’s the secret to muscle mass! :)…

I guess even the muscle heads deserve a break! Lol.

On a side note, I find it hilarious when a person who is clearly on the ‘juice’ tells me he’s genetically gifted!

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