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Remember that great one hit wonder by Eddie Murphy? I think it went something like “party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.. my girl wants to party all the time,partyyyyy allllll the timmmeeee!!”.. I think the song is called “Party all the Time”. I could be wrong ;)… Anyway, all I want to do is eat all the time! “Hungry all the time, hungry all the time, hungry all the time. My stomach is hungry all the time, hungryyyy allll the timeeeee!”.
Here lies the problem! U wanna feed that hunger so what to do? Cheat and satisfy yourself with junk? Or behave and eat the right food? It’s damn interesting how when u open the pantry, your eyes always zero in on the junk food. Damn u junk food! So that’s where will power comes in, the Tony Robbins kind.. U know, that mental power that leads u to believe that u can walk bare feet on firey coal, no pblm at all! Those 22 people that got hospitalized for burns; weak I tell u, weak. Lol

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