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The plan was to try to post every day.. Well, this past sunday it didn’t work out too well.. I had by far the worse day as a soccer coach in the many years I’ve coached youth soccer. It took all the energy and focus I had to even run the practice that morning. Just lousy nonsense to deal with that is part of this ‘volunteer job’ I decided to take on many, many years ago. Anyway – needless-to-say I did not train either as my mind was just ‘out of it’. Hard to focus or be motivated. Yesterday, being the start of a new week I hit the gym and had a great workout. Mondays, as always, are somewhat packed at the gym but I got in an excellent chest/back workout. I am not normally in the habit of promoting products but here are a few I do take…the C4 an hour or so before training for energy, the isoflex right after training, the ‘giants sports’ which is slow absorbing protein one hour or so before bedtime… The clif bar I eat when I am feeling hungry. Never more than one a day though and never late in the day.

for energy boost

for energy boost

protein, cliff bar

protein, clif bar

Workout duration: 1.5hrs

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