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The story of my life this summer… With the busy soccer schedule it makes it difficult to find time and sometimes energy to get to the gym consistently. I was last at the gym last thursday! Four days! Four days without training.. And on the weekends if I don’t get to the gym in the morning forget about it! By the time all weekend responsibilities are done I am spent; even C4 can’t help me!
Anyway – tonight I blasted my chest and back. It was amazing! The energy is always good and I am happy that after a full month off I have managed in a short period to get back to the weight I was pushing b4 my one month hiatus. My bench press is at 210lbs (including bar weight).. While I am only doing 3 reps vs. my usual 6.. I am happy that I am back at that weight. As for the seated chest press I should be back @ 3x45lbs by next week!

‘Crazy’ push ups: 96 in 3minutes

Workout Duration: 1hr45mins

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