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So saturday morning I woke up to a pleasant surprise.. Opened the front door in the morning to find my car door (driver side) wide open. Hmmm.. Wonder where this is going. Yup, car was broken into. GPS gone. My emergency cologne gone. Damn youuu, Bastard! My damn wallet (which I left in the glove compartment) gone. Got me to make some numerous phone calls come monday! Not a good start to the morning.. Especially since I had to head off to a coaches seminar. Anyway – left to go to a seminar that went from 9am-5pm… All but one hour spent on the pitch on a day that was bloody hot (34C)… And we had to participate as players while every coach took a turn at being coach and ran their theme! Nuts..and exhausting!
Anyway today was a different story… Had my soccer team participate in a charity event of sorts headed my Dwayne De Rosario, a home grown canadian, who is now playing for DC united in the MLS. Some 150 players participated. Great guy.. Ran a clinic for 2hrs.. Got to take pictures and autographs… We also got privileged to have had Rhian Wilkinson, a local star, lakeshore product, and team Canada Olympic bronze medalist… As well as Ali Gerba former Montreal Impact player. All in all a fantastic event! Still in the crazy heat though…

Gym time will have to wait until tomorrow… I am wiped out not to mention sun stroked.. I look like a lobster!

De Rosario and Fab

Fab getting his jersey signed by Ali Gerba

Rhian Wilkinson and Team

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