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Boy, 30 days sure as hell fly by. Just realized today that this past saturday was 30 days since I started this ‘challenge’. Not a good 30 days, that much I can confirm. It didn’t go exactly as planned on the gym front. Quite frankly there were a few stresses outside of work that I could have done without! Anyway – soccer is winding down and I believe I will have a good 2 months off before it starts up again.. So the plan is to take full advantage of the ‘off time’ to kick it up a notch or two at the gym. Now having written this, it hasn’t been all bad… I mean, even with the little time I spent at the gym these past 30 days there are some noticeable changes although not picture worthy yet ;)!
Anyway, tonight as it is a new week, I started with the old chest/back routine… You can tell summer vacation is winding down… The gym is starting to pick up in population again! Arrrrgghhh! Waiting game tonight. Good work out nonetheless.

Workout duration:1hr30mins
Push ups in 3mins: 85… Down a drastic 10 from a few weeks back. Not. Happy.

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