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Saturday morning, bright and early I had a rendez-vous with Suha… Spent 30 mins or so with Suha to discuss the meal plan she laid out for me. It’s a weeks worth… We didn’t go thru every day but based on what I will be taking in Suha broke the news to me that I don’t need to supplement with protein powder/shakes.. Put that money towards real food! Lol. No biggy.. I still have some so I won’t be throwing it away however I did promise not to take any during the next two weeks. I will be following up w Suha in 2 weeks time to discuss how things are going. U think I like the name Suha? ;)! As for the workout.. It was good but clearly I am not a morning ‘work out’ person. It’s tougher on me… I need more fuel in the tank to really get that energy level to where I need it. The one good thing is that the gym is fairly quiet. I also realized that moving forward ‘circuit’ training is the way to go. I also added burpees to my work out. It’s a pretty good addition.. And u really are out of breath after even as little as 30seconds worth! Or maybe I am not in great cardio shape! At one point I thought I was gonna pass out! Lol.

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