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So I continue on with my circuit training… I feel that at least for me, it’s the way to go. I began to go this way when I was hitting the gym inconsistently so of course the intent is to get in as much as possible the times u do get to the gym. I decided that I will stick to this even though I am more consistent. Ideally when u hit the gym on consecutive days u don’t want to be doing circuit…what I do is that at each workout I start with a different body part. As well, I will choose one body part where I’ll add one or two additional exercises; today that would be legs (below r pictures of my routine for leg press).

Tonight’s workout 1hr30mins

Tomorrow I rest.

feet positioned  in middle/body width apart 4x12-15

feet positioned in middle, positioned body width apart 4×12-15

feet positioned higher up/body width apart 4x12-15

feet positioned higher up but still body width apart 4×12-15

feet positioned in the middle/feet close in 4x12-15

feet positioned in the middle but close in 4×12-15 (for u gentlemen, adjust first if u need to ;o)!!)

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