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Tonight I played “old man” soccer for the first time after taking a year off. I really missed it… Mind u, I say ‘old man’ bc I’m not a young lad but the league is for 25yr+. I did not know anyone on the team I played for but we are like the united nations! Lol… Anyway a good bunch of guys.. Respectful of each other.. That’s the way its gotta be… Going in I was concerned about my cardio.. We play 7v7 so it’s a smaller playing field but lotsa running… And we were only 2 spares… I was very surprised how well I ran… And it felt good to hear the gents refer to me as the ‘fast one’. :)… One things for sure though… The cardio needs to improve and playing soccer will do it… At the end of the game I felt like puking! Lol. I am glad that I returned to playing… I will admit that come winter, those 11pm games will be tough but it’s gotta be done! Tomorrow should be interesting… Wonder if I will be able to walk! Lol.

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