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Today I received my jaybird sprint headphones.. To be honest I had never heard of this company. I was looking for bluetooth headphones as the ones I have are too bulky and so I began googling and stumbled upon Jaybird gear. So the first thing I did was check to see if there are stores here in Canada that carry. Of course not! Anyway – I had a friend who was heading to the US so I asked him if he could pick them up for me.. Well a whole week in the US of A and he was not able to find….I no longer call him my friend ;)! Lol.. I kid, I kid. I ended up going back to their site and found an online store out of vancouver canada that carry… So I ordered… They cost a pretty penny as it is so the additional cost for shipping was definitely not a bonus. Anyway when it comes to gadgets I am like a kid in a candy store. Had to have.
So what are my first impressions… Well, for one the packaging was pretty slick. The headphones themselves look delicate.. Definitely the power button, volume up/down and usb door… Very delicate. Wonder how long before they become defective?? Hopefully I am wrong. The sound is very good.. After a few minutes of use where the sound was choppy, it stabilized and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way thru my workout. I definitely like how light they are. Now the next test is to see how long the headphones last on a charge.

On a side note, I actually did train and it was yet another gr8 workout :).

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