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We’re now four games into the season and my cardio has gotten a heck of a lot better and the soccer skill is slowly but surely coming back. Unfortunately I find myself on a team that is currently 1-3 and I have gotten myself into card trouble.. Consecutive games with a yellow card. Yup, I am a goon! Lol.. Last night was a heart breaking loss.. We dominated in possession but could not put the ball in the net… We also have to deal with a captain who of course is ‘flawless’ as a soccer player (NOT) and is constantly yapping his mouth telling us what we’ve done wrong… Holy crap! Last night I let him have it… I told him to just allow us to play and make the decisions we need to ourselves. I work by a simple philosophy… Unless u r freaking perfect and mistake free at something, don’t tell me what I am doing wrong or what I should be doing differently! We go out there to have some fun, being criticized is never fun. Anyway next week we have a bye… So I know for sure he’ll have nothing to say! Lol.

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