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I know, I will sound like a broken record… Well, nowadays does anyone know what a record is? Anyone? ;)… I have been as inconsistent at the gym as I have been blogging my progress or not.. Luckily I have been far better at going to the gym. Granted, it’s not where I want it to be. It has been very frustrating at times. Generally, its been life that has gotten in the way and when it isn’t what is happening around me, I am either sick (rarely though and thank god) or I have a migraine. I hit the jackpot this week… I have been home sick the last two days with a migraine. Yesterday the migraine was insanely painful.. Today not so much… So, this week so far I have been at the gym a whopping zero times. Given that I am oh so restless I figured the least I could do is get back to blogging and vent a little! Lol. Sick or not I am planning to go to work tomorrow. Tough bananas.. There is really so much tv one can watch! Hopefully I don’t spread my love to anyone! I will also hit the gym tomorrow as I assume that my migraine will be a thing of the past. It better be. I have never gone 3 days straight with a migraine before… And today it is manageable. I need to get a rhythm going again and given that we are heading into the xmas holidays this will be one hell of a challenge. Soccer starts up full force in the new year so I will have to manage my week a lot better. The only way I can get to see more progress is to get to the gym more often.. Yes, there is no doubt that eating well and often is paramount but I definitely have to pick it up at the gym.. Oh and speaking of food.. I will be heading to my moms this weekend to make homemade sausage :)! #italianproblems ;). I will post some pictures as I will get the kids involved too… Let them see what dad grew up on.. Or some of what I grew up on. Them were good times.. Sadly, the parents r getting older and I am trying to refresh my memory on the process making so that I can continue these traditions. Alright, I am done for now… Mucho hungry.. Time to eat.

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