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ok, well this won’t be a post on all the ladies of monster gym as it would make for one long post… First off, yes i am still going to the gym… the only thing i am not doing well at all is posting about it.. i will close off the year this way but as a resolution i will have to kick it up a few notches; both at the gym and posting. I really need to wake up and smell the coffee.. Need to have someone smack me upside the head .. As this year is winding down so is my energy so i have decided to keep it low key during this xmas break but come Jan 2nd.. back to the grind!!!

Now back to the ladies.. I had a “light bulb” moment the other day while at the gym… why not google the name of one of the sexy trainers and see what happens!! i mean, i knew she is a fitness competitor so she’s bound to show up, right?! Well… yup i hit the mother load! From one picture i was able to find 3 more of the “heyyyyy sexxxyyyy ladies!!!”.. ya, i get it, borderline stalker! lol.. anyway, the images are out there.. i just “stumbled” upon them.. so, i present the ladies…


ginette (trainer)


martine and ginette

ginette (trainer/competitor) and martine (competitor)

Martine Gauthier 3rd 2012  arnold classic

Martine Gauthier 3rd 2012 arnold classic

Aylar Fetrati

Aylar Fetrati (competitor and Natalia Kills doppleganger? :))

Ginette and Genevieve

Ginette (trainer/competitor) and Genevieve (competitor)

When i first started at Monster Gym, i couldn’t help but notice Martine likes to look at herself constantly while passing the many mirrors at the gym..Of course, my first reaction was the usual one.. “wow, can she be any more in love with herself!”.. lol.. but my gut told me that there was more to it.. Even the way she walked and her posture made me think she competed. I guess so! lol.