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We are exactly 30 days away from the big BB10 reveal! With all these leaked images I am not sure what kind of reveal it will be but I am excited nonetheless. I am a huge blackberry fanboy and have never hidden that fact. It’s been a tough few years but I think the light is at the end of the tunnel. It’s amazing how many know-it-alls are out there predicting the demise of RIM and BB10 being dead on arrival… I suspect they will be eating their words. As a BB fanboy I don’t pretend to have a vast knowledge of apple or android phones so I would never put myself out there as one who is. That doesn’t seem to stop some of these so-called tech reporters that base their articles on fiction/misinformation. Sadly, haters will always be haters. I find it sad and pathetic that some feel the need to bash a product/company because in the end they’re ignorant and/or feel threatened. Now for those who know me, I too take some liberties on my iphone/android using friends.. Hell, why not? I am returning the favor 😉 but it’s all in good fun…
I have decided to post my own take from my humble BB fanboy point of view. Why not, right? Seems everyone has an opinion.. So do I.
Unlike some that are short sighted I do think there is room in this ecosystem for more than just 2 players. Does RIM want to be king of the hill? Of course. Will it? No. Do I think RIM has a chance at #3? Absolutely. Is it sad to be striving for 3rd? Not really. It’s being realistic; atleast for right now.
First and foremost.. Let’s get something straight, BB10 is not a phone, it’s a platform. I write this because it’s clear that this is still not fully understood by some out there writing up articles. Case in point are some of the comments I read on various sites regarding the leaked images of the BB10 phones; both the all touch and recently the keyboard version. “The all touch looks like an iphone”. Uhhh, really? So does almost every other all touch phone on the market. In terms of comparison, that is probably the only one that can be made because the user experience is night and day. And as far as it looking like an iphone? I beg to differ. It looks like a shrunken version of a blackberry playbook. Clearly someone who is knowledgeable of blackberrys would see this ;)! Recently photos have leaked of the keyboard version of the BB10 phone.. Let’s see.. I read comments that “it looks like the bold 9900!!!” Well, heck ya… A die-hard BB user would know that! That’s what was stated since day one! RIMs first priority was an all touch but they clearly stated that they would not neglect the keyboard hardcore users and that the phone would sport a bold 9900 design. I am actually pretty excited that the form factor of the keyboard version is very similar to my current 9900, I am! I’ve read comments that BB10 will not catch on with people because of its new User Interface… Oh you silly people!!! Wasn’t Apple’s iphone or Android when it first came out new to everyone? Eh? Hmm? Such weak arguments! It’s important to repeat that BB10 is not a phone but a platform (based on QNX) and it is a gr8 new user experience that people will embrace. I haven’t had hands on or anything but I’ve seen a shit load of videos and all I can say is that the experience looks pretty amazing. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I need my keyboard so I will hold out.. Apparently the keyboard version will come out ‘shortly’ after the all touch. Years ago RIM was the pioneer… A company that then sat on its throne doing nothing and let the likes of Apple de-throne them… Apple/Google are very innovative companies that have over the years churned out impressive products… But just like a roller coaster u have your ups and downs and I think now RIM is on the up swing while Apple is on the down swing… U can already see it with the iphone… Nothing really mind shattering since the iphone3 and already by today’s standards it is considered ‘old’… Then u had that misstep with the maps. Oopsy! And u can’t help but think that there will be more missteps along the way.
I believe that there is room for everyone because they all offer a product that can entice anyone and it promotes innovation. RIM needed a kick in the ass and Apple/Google gave it to them! They pushed the envelope and made RIM realize that it’s time for action. RIMs first attempt at the tablet market was rushed and hence failed… RIM could have buckled to the pressure and rushed BB10 out but didn’t. Let’s not forget when the iphone came out noone was expecting it.. Apple had years to prepare.. RIM doesn’t have that luxury… Difficult decisions had to be made; gutsy ones for sure but in the end they were the right decisions.
I think that they can all share in the spot light. Let’s all play nice! Lol…I see good and exciting things for RIM starting in 2013… I am looking forward to this ride…
As you can see all of what I wrote is nothing new, not rocket science, nothing mind bending.. Heck I barely mention android and none of my post has anything to do with a comparison of the 3 platforms (deceiving title?)! Lol.. It’s my take on a company that I have faith in and support because it has a good product and will introduce yet another great product come January 30th.. It’s me just expressing my thoughts on a post almost noone will read ;)! Lol.. But it was actually fun to put it together… And u know what I used to write up this post? My trusted and beloved blackberry 9900 bold! That’s right. Plus it’s a canadian company and as a canadian I will support it :)! Eh?!!! #RIM #blackberry #playbook #BB10believe

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