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2013 hasn’t really started the way I thought it would on the working out front. I mean for the love of Jesus I am really sounding like a broken record… U see as 2012 was winding down I figured that I too would wind it down and actually relax during the Christmas break. Makes sense, no? Relax, recuperate … Enjoy the time with family and friends and then start fresh in the new year. I thought the plan was pretty simple… The problem is that sometimes plans don’t work out as ‘planned’… First week into the new year I hit the gym as planned ;)… Work out like a banshee in heat while in hell… And then it happens… I pulled a muscle… In the left trap… It has now been a full week of no gym and it’s driving me crazy.. The pain was so bad at one point that I couldn’t sleep… Of course like any smart person I decided not to go see a physio but rather I just let time heal this wound. Last night I tested the waters by going to play soccer and I survived… I think it’s time to return to the gym. I am looking forward to tomorrow!!! Why not today? Heck, I don’t really know… I had an early soccer practice with the youth U14AAA team and now I am having a bit of a lazy day. Tomorrow I shall start fresh after a good breakfast.

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