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My shoulder injury took longer then expected to heal… close to 2 weeks… And it took a lot of ointments and massages to heal it… Anyway – I finally returned to the gym tonight.. And I felt like ‘the Rock’… ‘finally, the David has come back to the gym!’… Sounds better when he says it. My energy level was amazing however the amount of weights I was able to push was well… I felt like a mere mortal tonight! It’s to be expected but still hard to swallow. I know for sure that I will get back on track on that front soon enough. What I had to do tonight was summon my inner jade giant, green goliath, the one and only Hulk! Yes, I am a 13 year old inside :)! Hulk is my hero… And interestingly enough, last night I happen to watch an old episode of ‘The Next Great Baker’ and u know who was the guest? None other then Lou ‘Hulk’ Ferrigno.. My human hero! Coincidence? I think not!
One thing I promised myself was that I would start doing cardio as part of my routine. I am not a fan. So to keep true to my word after I trained the muscles I went off to do some running… I was pretty darn impressed with myself. I lasted 10 minutes before the cramps hit full force but I then pushed myself another 5 minutes before I went to walk mode. During the walking phase I did some plyometric exercises so I was keeping busy.. The whole cardio portion lasted 20 minutes. Not bad for a first time… Can I get a woot, woot? Or is it a whoop! Whoop! Anyway I will take both. I spent a full 2 hours at the gym.. That for me has been the most in a very, very long time! Hopefully I can get out of bed tomorrow morning!
The Plan: to go 4 consecutive days. Stay tuned.

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