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You read that right… RIM is no more… The company has re-branded itself as Blackberry… Smart move….put the other fruit on notice to watch its back! Lol.
After so much anticipation the Z10 and Q10 were unveiled simultaneously from several cities on Jan 30th… all in all, I thought it was a pretty good event. Thorsten Heins has gotten better over the last year with his on-stage presence… I mean he’s no Steve Jobs but he is more at ease.. I see him as the silent, strong type… He gets things done.
For those of us that are fanboys of the blackberry there wasn’t much of an unveiling… simply because of all the video and picture leaks that have occurred in the last few months. Of course, the qwerty phone is actually named Q10 as opposed to what was speculated as X10… I guess the Q makes more sense ;). I think the one surprise was the announcement that Alicia Keys will be the global creative director!! That should be interesting… As for the apps… Again, not many surprises… The big names are there… noticeably missing was netflix … However, Thornsten confirmed that they are in talks with both netflix and instagram.
This new OS10 offers a lot of enticing features… I cannot wait to get my hands on this phone. I am partial to the physical keyboard so will be getting the Q10… My son will be getting the Z10… The bad news for me is that the Q10 will only come out in April… That’s ok though as I have my 9900 that will suit me just fine until then.
The sentiment out there, a day later, seems to be very good… There are always those nay sayers that will look for the smallest thing to pick on but as a whole the feeling is good and I think that things will only pick up from here. Clearly its too early to say how great a turnaround blackberry will have but I can say this… All this nonsense of ‘make it or break it’, ‘this is a hail Mary pass for blackberry’, etc is pure garbage.. Trust me, they have a pipeline of stuff in the works… As Thorsten said… This is not the end but rather the beginning.

The best line of his presentation: ‘ the keyboard allows you to write without typing!’

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