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Yes! the stories of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated!!! i can’t believe how long it’s been since i last blogged… i took some time off and not by choice.. My training wasn’t consistent to begin with and even though i was getting one, maybe two sessions in per week you can’t really consider that training because the gains, if any were minimal at best. Anyway this summer thus far has been nothing short of hectic. Our family is hosting a teammate of my son’s for 1 month and a half. It started on June 13th.. he’s leaving July 31st.. Normally our summer months are hectic as it is but having Ez has made the hectic more like madness. However, having written this, i can say that the experience has been great so far. He’s a very polite kid who is also adding to our family environment.. Culture is different and it’s good for all parties. My son, who at first was hesitant about the whole thing, is having a blast! Anyway, back to the topic at hand.. i decided that i would return to my 30 day challenge… i decided this in late june and since july was coming around i figured i would kick things off on the 1st and make it a 31 day challenge!! .. well, the 1st came and went and nothing. I had a migraine that day… i figured ok, what better time to start then on the 4th… Independence Day… being i am canadian and all that made sense, right? lol.. well that day came and went also… i finally kicked it all off on the 6th..I figure that if i will follow through on this i need a strategy…

First things first, if i will be accountable i need to put myself in an uncomfortable position. What better way to do that then to take a picture and post it.. We all know pictures don’t lie… I mean you can look at yourself in the mirror and think everything is fine.. but nope, a picture will tell you the truth. That picture i took (see below) held no punches.. a wake up call..it was a punch to the gut, a kick to the groin.. it was like a slap to the back of the head or better yet… what we italians refer to as “na manu mersa”… what this is, is a slap across one cheek using the palm of your hand and then reversing your track and slapping the other cheek with the back of your hand.. it is a 2 step process but done quickly!!! italian ninja style! lol.

The next piece of the puzzle is to “eat clean”.. i will do my very best to eat clean. i will reduce/eliminate sugars, bread (after lunch).. and most importantly.. atleast for me… as i am not getting any younger.. i will no longer eat after 730pm.. if i get peckish after 730pm i will have a shake with water and whey protein.. as i have been doing since the weekend. i have eliminated my daily 3pm bagel and coffee from tim hortons as well. Fridays was always my “cheat” day where i’d have fast food.. well, that’s out for these 31 days.

Next is of course to “train dirty”.. the key for me is consistency and so far i have been but then again it’s only been three days.. but still an accomplishment nonetheless. my goal is to train 4-5 times/week. It’s a tall order given my busy schedule with the kids but i will have to make it happen.. in the end we are talking about 31 days. I have also taken up running .. this i try to do every day..piece of cake, right? oh, wait.. no cake!! lol

As part of training dirty i will include products to help me out as well.. and that will be the trusted whey protein, creatine and amino acid mix… with the all reliable vitamins.

I think that i will also document what i am eating as a way of keeping track and being sure i stick to my plan.

me at 176lbs of something (july 2013)

me at 176lbs of something (july 2013)

the products that will help me achieve greatness!

the products that will help me achieve greatness!

imagine, this is me back in july 2012..

imagine, this is me back in july 2012..not a rockstar but u can clearly see the difference!