Back in April I pulled my hamstring playing soccer. Yes, I still try my best to play ‘the beautiful game’… Anyway it wasn’t that bad but I had to take it easy for a few days. Last night, after a great workout, I went off to my youth soccer team’s practice. Part of our Wednesday routine is to go through some anaerobic exercises… last night I figured i’d be ‘smart’ and join in on one routine so that I wouldn’t need to go jogging after the practice. The exercise is pretty simple… for 20 seconds you’re expected to run ‘all out’, then for 20 seconds you jog lightly, 20 seconds ‘all out’, 40 seconds light jog and finally 20 seconds ‘all out’ and 60 seconds light jog. Simple, right? Anyway I lasted half way into the 2nd 20 second round. Pulled the same hamstring and this time it f@@king hurts. We still had about one hour left to practice so had to complete the session, get home and tend to the injury. It feels a tad better this morning but I will take a rest day from the gym… was supposed to work legs today.. I will try to return tomorrow but will not work legs.