Ya, that’s this blog wondering where the hell I have been. It doesn’t really matter where I have been but more importantly where I am heading… and if I don’t change things i’ll be that guy that keeps saying he’ll hit the gym ‘tomorrow ‘ and never does.. I have a co-worker who is like that… yearly membership and never goes. Every new year, we have our ‘get in shape’ resolution… I am no different although this year I added ‘be more of a bad ass’… Neither one has happened so far… January is gone and maybe I hit the gym 5 times… and I am just the nicest guy so forget being a bad ass! lol..
As is typically the case my gym population soared like crazy in January. I don’t know why. Hmm.. let me think… the times I went it was jammed packed no matter what time it was… got to see some nice new ‘eye candy’… That’s always a plus… but the waiting… oye vey… thank god I can atleast still work out my eyes as I wait.

So the plan to get back to the gym in a consistent manner? A change in mind set. I am heading into that middle aged dark area of laziness and I don’t like it. The reality though is that I am heavily involved in youth soccer with 2 teams and so there is no room for laziness.. so laziness is probably not the right description… maybe ‘tired’ is better. I am on the field several times/week and let me tell u it becomes difficult to get home @930pm and have the energy to want to go to the gym.. know what I mean? Anyway a plan is necessary…
1) first admit you have a pblm.. I do. Need to stop looking for excuses.
2) I need to better plan my week of food intake.. preparation is key.
3) I really need to stop the Tim Horton runs… atleast keep it to coffee and that’s it.. no muffins, no bagel and definitely I can’t do the donut thing… atleast keep it to like almost never ;)..that shouldn’t be too hard but bagel and cream cheese… it’s like a drug!

So today, the 9th day of February I begin again… I re-begin if u will ;)… I. Can. Do. This.
here is who I aspire to be (in)… lol.. I kid, I kid!!!

My inspiration even though I will never be close to this:

The man, the legend… Lou #Ferrigno #hulk #hulksmash #bodybuilding #bodybuilder