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A month ago my membership @monstergym ended and just around the same time a buddy of mine was in the final stages of opening a fitness center. I refer it to a fitness center because it really isn’t a gym.. in size it doesn’t even come close to @monstergym. In seeing what he is offering I feel that it has everything that I need and the more important thing is that it’s so close to home. My schedule has become insanely busy and I think it is a plus to have the location close to home. My plan was that i’d take a week off and then get started @Olympia. Turns out that week became a month. A little frustrating because up to this point I was incredibly consistent at the gym.. the one thing I haven’t been consistent with at all is blogging about my gym adventure. After having a conversation with my buddy we decided that it would be a better idea for me to take a 30 day pass @monstergym and then switch over. That’s exactly what I did today.. only thing is I was counting on @monstergym giving me a free 30 pass as they do for newcomers.. I figured since it’s been a month, I could, in theory, be eligible. I wasn’t… Eighty dollars later I hit the weights and trained for a good 1.5 hrs today. Won’t lie. It was hard..energy level was so-so. i promised myself that this would finally be my 30 day challenge . You know, the one I was supposed to start like over a year ago. Lol. Let’s face it, if I am going to pay 80$ for 30 days I better get my ass there every single day. So what will that mean? It will mean finding myself at the gym at hours I am not accustomed to… but it will be done.