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I woke up yesterday feeling all sorts of sore… and that is to noone’s surprise. I could have definitely used that as an excuse not to hit the gym last night but I didn’t. After running a soccer practice with my group i dropped off the kids and went off to @monstergym. It was a weird feeling being at the gym after 8pm.. I could not believe how busy it was. Over the years my routine was always the same; leave work @ 430pm.. get to gym maximum by 5pm.. work out for 1.5hrs and then be home by maximum 630pm. Given my current schedule I will have to become accustomed to getting to gym in and around 8pm. I was able to go just a little over an hour. Worked bicep/tricep… i am kinda dismayed at the strength loss but I know my strength will return in no time. One thing that became very noticeable was that it took a while for me to wind down last night.. didn’t get to sleep until 11pm.. which for me, atleast in recent years is a new feeling.. if I could last to 10pm it was a miracle. What I noticed this morning is that i’m even more sore!! I have a feeling tomorrow I will need help getting out of bed!