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Over your lifetime you will make tons of friends.. some will remain lifetime friends, some will come and go and some you will realize were ‘faux friends’. God knows i’ve met quite a few of the latter one. The best kind of friend is that friend that is always and consistently there for you. For me, lately, that would be Tim Hortons… yes, Tim Hortons.. not a person but a breakfast place. My morning habit was to have coffee at home then get to work fire up my PC and then go back down to walk a few steps to the nearby Tim Horton. My ritual almost always the same; a medium dark roast coffee with 2 milks and 1 sugar along with a muffin or bagel cream cheese+bacon or an English muffin with egg. Friends can be toxic at times and I am not saying that Tim is but certainly addictive. Tim is near and dear to me but I realize that if I am to make good on this journey I must say goodbye and distance myself from Tim…. atleast for a while. And when I do decide to rekindle the friendship it’ll be just to have a dark roast coffee; no milk, no sugar. I shed a small tear as I say adieu my good friend. Until we meet again.