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*UPDATE* I guess I should mention I didn’t just use #shredz.. this experiment happened about four mths ago.

No. That is all.

I kid, I kid…. why don’t I elaborate a little… As I mentioned in a previous post at some point after last summer I gained 10lbs.. how long it took to be honest I don’t know. The fact was that I knew I had gained it but it was only after my wife jokingly commented that ‘you finally have a bit of a belly’ that the alarm went off. I mean there weren’t enough panic buttons I could press! Of course like any rational human being I looked for shortcuts. Enter #Shredz. I did zero research on the product… I basically purchased the 30 day stack on what I will refer to as blind ‘Paige Hathaway’ faith.

I won’t consider this a review of the supplements but rather just my almost 30 day experience with the supplements. I do believe I also mentioned that I did lose 2lbs of the 10lbs I gained… that is where I still am today. Was it due to #Shredz? I don’t know.

In short, #Shredz didn’t work for me. However, I don’t necessarily want to put down the product as I do think there were several factors that contributed to the unsuccessful run.

1) I didn’t eat enough or as clean as I should have. It wasn’t dirty by any means but not clean enough.
: I believe that for a product like this to work one needs to eat a lot and eat clean, clean, clean!!!

2) although the gym was fairly consistent I don’t think the intensity level was high enough.
: Being at the gym for one hour isn’t enough.. to get the benefits I think 1.5/2hrs are necessary with incredible intensity. I would even go as far as say to hit the gym 2x/day if possible.

3) I didn’t do the full 30 days.
: honestly, between the four bottles I got tired on ingesting 11 capsules/day. I was actually fatigued by the time I hit the gym ! Lol

Aside from that, you can’t really expect a 30 day supply to be enough to get you where you want to be… however, having written that I decided not to continue on with #Shredz and have no plans to return to using the product.

I don’t want to take away from those that have had success with Shredz but all those endorsements of the product come from folks that live at the gym.. basically this is their livelihood. That makes a huge difference.