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A little over two years ago I decided to leave @MonsterGym. I had been going there for years. A trainer that trained the soccer teams I have been involved with over the years opened up a crossfit style place and I decided to support. The change was good. It was certainly different from what I was used to. The place itself is in no way comparable in size to @MonsterGym but it worked for me… atleast until now. Last week out of the blue I decided I needed a change.. the modest progress I have made got me thinking I need a little more than what @OlympiaPerformance has to offer. I was never that Crossfit kinda guy and so the lack of weights @PerformanceOlympia was starting to pose a pblm. Today I signed up @BuzzFit for a 3 month membership and had my first work out. It was pretty good.. Loving the amount of machines and weights it offers. I took a 3 month membership only to test the water. My company is moving location in august and the building houses a gym room but it is to be shared among five businesses so I don’t know how that will go. I saw some photos and the gym looks adequate but I don’t like to wait on things and I am afraid that will be the case. I will cross that bridge when it comes.. as well.. I am still not sure if I want to sweat it out with my coworkers ! Lol