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Our soccer club Technical Director sent out an email this week to pass along of few items of interest.. One of the items had to do with nutrition and here’s a tidbit from the email…

Nutrition, (when I said this to the girls, they all asked me to send you an e-mail specifying the below)
  • A product that is very good for and proven to help active people, especially athletes is Nutella, yes Nutella (even if it’s Italian). It’s ingredients have lots on nutrients and help with the athletes performance, good nutrition and a lot of good energy, in moderation of-course. Especially on practice and game days, a minimum of 1 bread slice with Nutella spread, 1 more slice closer to practice or game time. 
  • Of-course not the only reason, the Swiss National boys team won the U20 world Cup back when it was held in South Africa a few years ago. The team officials gave each player 1500 medium jars, yes 1500 jars. Each player consumed all this jars with-in a year but they were obliged to eat Nutella 2 to 3 times a day before practices or games, including while competing during the World Cup. This was told to me by their head coach when I met him.


Well, it got me thinking.. should this be part of my gym routine? i mean for the love of Jesus who doesn’t love Nutella???  I certainly do and now i don’t have to feel guilty about it.. Or should i?

I have a few concerns though.. first i am not 14 years old…or 20 for that matter. My metabolism is obviously working at a much slower pace then these young ones….i am active but not to the extent of an athlete… and lastly i’m not an athlete. Sooooo i think i pretty much answered my own question but.. maybe i will give it a try.. for a while.