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It’s been really a little over a week and I figured give my initial impressions so far of @Buzzfitgym. First a little back story…The first location opened up in our area I would say a good two years ago. At the time I was going to @MonsterGym.. I heard all the hype about buzzfit and how little it cost but I resisted the temptation to move. I decided instead to wait it out and see. As time went on the biggest complaint I heard was that it was always too packed. Too busy. That was a huge turn off for me… Anyway fast toward and a second location opens up a skip and jump away from my home. So after some thought I decided to take the plunge. Needed a change. I signed up on a Sunday.. Canada Day weekend to be precise… the gym was ‘dead’. It was to be expected given the long weekend. The monday was a little busier but still somewhat on the ‘dead’ side… then Tuesday came and ‘normalcy’ kicked in… so in general after one week I can see that it is a busy place but it is manageable. I don’t have to wait on anything. That’s a huge plus. The gym has everything.. a lot of machines and free weights and a great atmosphere. I am loving the change and I am happy that I took that plunge. Yes, it has been only a week and maybe at some point the novelty will wear off but for now it’s all good. I think the true test will happen over the winter months… I expect an increase in population.. then and only then will I realize if my decision was a good one.. for now I am enjoying the moment.