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I am not much of a gamer but since Pokémon Go is all the rage now I figured use a gamer terminology… a few weeks ago I was happy about my modest progress in my weight loss goal… now not so much.. it isn’t going as quickly as I thought. I think I am being naive. The anxiety it brings is that our vacation Is fast approaching. To boot we made a complete 180 on where we are going. Original plan was to hit the west coast; LA, San Francisco, San Diego etc… that all changed when I got the quote for how much it would cost the four of us. We are now heading to ITALY.. yup going across the pond will cost us much less than hitting the US of A!!! So now I am going from one end of the world that is the meca of beautiful people and bodies… to the other end (sort of) which is one of the European versions. And lest we forget, we are talking about ITALY soooo FOOD!!! Help me Jesus!
It has become clear that I have to pick up my cardio game in the next couple weeks and in a positive twist of faith it actually started last week. I was car-less for the entire week so I had my wife taxi me to and from work. Once home I changed into my gym wear and walked to and from @Buzzfitgym. The walk is 20mins each way. I also continued my cardio for an additional 1hr while at the gym. Even though I got my car back on the weekend, as long as the weather behaves, I will continue to walk to and from the gym. I think I will also devote a couple days/week solely to cardio rather than mix it up with my training. My typical pattern has been 1 hour cardio followed by weights and finishing off with abs workout.

A recent snapshot of my weight dance…