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Love it when u unintentionally press submit wayyy before you intended to.

Anywayyyy so last weekend I went to our local Popeyes to get some creatine and while there decided I wanted to get some peanut butter… I was suggested the following:

Interestingly enough when she was selling me on it she told me ‘you need to be careful though ‘. I asked why.. she said that I need to have will power because it’s very addictive.. she was right. It’s pretty delicious. I love it. The texture is obviously different then the retail store bought one so if you plan to actually put it on bread don’t even bother if it’s not toasted. Because I try to avoid bread as much as possible I simply have one tablespoon in the morning… it’s a nice heaping tablespoon.. now don’t go trying to jam the entire spoonful all in your mouth at once. Trust me, u’ll have a difficult time prying open your mouth… and this ain’t no cinnamon challenge! A bit at a time savoring it is how its done. I am already almost out !