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It’s been a few weeks now since our trip to Italy… you can check out my post here: https://capparelli.ca/2016/08/11/italy-12-days-of-awesome/ to read about it from a tourist’s point of view.

I have, for some time now, been trying to shed 10lbs. It’s been a struggle. Yes, the struggle is real. Three weeks before our trip to Italy I changed gym. I felt I over stayed my welcome where I was at and needed a change. I also thought the change of scenery would motivate me. It actually did. I was however dillusional in thinking 3 weeks was enough time to shed the weight. It wasn’t. I basically lost 2lbs. I found myself being stressed over that result. Here I am heading to Italy for close to 2 weeks where i’d no doubt be eating and eating and eating my way through it and all I lost was 2lbs! Anyway in this dillusional state I was in I also thought I would be training while in italy. Uh. Right. That didn’t happen. Not even 2 days in and I was in complete vacation mode!
So how did I survive it? I loved every minute of our time in Italy. By survive I mean on the weight gain side of it. I survived because I came home weighing the same as I left. One plan I had was to weigh myself every day while there but oddly enough I could not find a scale anywhere while in Sorrento, Capri and Amaflie. No wonder Italians look so relaxed. Noone weighs or cares to weigh themselves. Maybe that was a good thing. I basically gave up looking until we got to Rome and found a scale in the gym room.
The key to my success was that I was able to control what I ate and when. Sounds simple, right? I didn’t hold back though on how much I ate. Look, I was on vacation so ya I friggin ate!!! Added to that was that we walked an insane amount. We basically walked every where. The only time I hit a gray area was when I went to visit family down south. While there we stayed with a cousin who was such an amazing hostess. And to no surprise an amazing cook. Here’s the issue we hit while there. They are accustomed to eating late. What is interesting is that they are not big on breakfast but dinner yes. Dinner always involves an amazing spread. However, dinner was always 8pm or later. Sound. The. Alarm. Wow. I was beside myself in panic (internally of course). What to do though? I mean we are a guest in someone’s home so you go by their rules. Simple. Anyway what’s important is that I came out of it unscathed. We were down south for three days and I think that also helped. Lol. And again I also attribute it to the amount of walking we did. On the plus side as well I think my calves grew a full size!

Having been back regularly to the gym now I am back on the mission to shed the 10lbs. I have also decided that it’s a waste to weigh myself every day so I won’t. Maybe weekly or every two weeks. I also need to improve on my eating habit. My breakfast lately has been lackluster. That’s the first thing that needs fixing. Anyway.. it will continue to be a work in progress.