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Yes I am still here and yes I an still going strong. Fairly strong. The gym routine has been pretty consistent and I like what I am seeing.. even if slow, the results are coming. So the plan this week was to write a ‘Motivational Monday’ post. You see, after months of saying that I needed to add a weekend day to my work out routine, it finally happened this past weekend. After dropping my daughter off at soccer practice I went to kill two hours at the gym. Why be around folks u don’t want to be around when u could be working on yourself?? Am I right? Anyway – the two hours practically flew by. I felt energized. Did a circuit for 1.5hrs, ending off with 30mins cardio. The circuit was nothing out of the ordinary. Anyway, took sunday off. On Monday I woke up with some pain in my thigh area. It wasn’t that ‘good pain’ you get after working out. It felt problematic but I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday nonetheless. You know. Because. By Wednesday, the pain got progressively worse. Thursday I had a difficult time sleeping as it was painful every time I moved. Today is the worse and while I thought the pain was in my thigh, it appears the actual pain is really coming from my groin. I have been feeling it more than ever today. It’s very uncomfortable every time I get up after having been sitting for a while. I guess it’s time to ice and heat!!! I will take this weekend off as well but plan to return to the gym on Monday. Let’s hope.
Anyway on a side note I decided to purchase the following:

I had seen some videos on it and as well some reviews and decided to give it a try. I was a little nervous about the taste. I mean, 100% real sweet potato, yams, oats and fruit.. how can that taste good? You know what? It does! I love it. I think I may actually do a review after I finish it. I have also decided that I need to bring down by a huge degree the amount of supplement products I am buying. I mean look at this?

I think I will whittle it down to protein, this ‘Real Food’ and the fitjoys… oh and this too…

This stuff tastes so good and is also a great source of protein as well. Maybe I will review this product as well.