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So I am in forties and I started gym life in my twenties. I have always been fascinated by body building. Believe it or not as a kid my interest in muscles and body building started with seeing the Hulk both in comic books and TV. Lou Ferrigno was my inspiration. I am no bodybuilder. Never was. Never will be. I do enjoy weight training but I could never achieve that. Not naturally atleast. Over the years I have taken and tried so many supplements. When I think about all the money I have put into these supplements I think it would have much cheaper if I had just gone the way of steroids. I certainly think the results would be way better than they are today. Anyway, all this to say that it’s time for me to bring it down a BIG notch how much money I spend on supplements. I don’t like to throw away my hard earned cash and I know I have done so many times over but having said that yesterday I decided to clean house a little. Gone are the following…

Yes, I could have just tried to finish them but I don’t want to. Truth is I haven’t used these supplements in a while now.

I do believe in supplementation so my stable will be a small one. Protein, creatine and this new carb ‘real food’ I started a few weeks back. I also just purchased a HGH product. I am in my forties after all so I will give it a try and see how legit it is. In a months time if the results are there even if small I will write about it.