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Or should be. Let’s face it, nowadays it seems everyone and their grandma can be a trainer. All you have to do is take a look at how many ‘trainers’ are on Instagram. All ready to offer you training programs and nutrition tips all without having to meet them. I mean I guess it’s possible. Right? I have also lost count the times I’ve seen so called trainers spending 95% of their clients time with their head looking down at their cell. These customers are throwing their hard earned money away.
Yesterday I saw a different spin to this. There’s this trainer at my gym. I think she’s been there since the start of 2017.. so not long. Anyway I do see her go around the gym soliciting women to participate in what looks like a circuit training of sorts in a section of the gym. I also don’t know why she seems to be selective of the women she asks. I assume there is some reason. Anyway – a woman who I haven’t seen before at the gym was walking around looking somewhat confused and so decided to approach this trainer. She asked this trainer some question, I assume, and in an indifferent way the trainer gestured towards some equipment. This member kinda shrugged her shoulders, nodded Ok and went her merry way. While she walked away, the trainer looked her way and made this facial expression like ‘what a strange question’ or maybe ‘what was that all about?’. I don’t know. I am just guessing here.. regardless, it’s quite possible this member was at a loss and genuinely was looking for help. That’s no way to react. This trainer should have been more helpful. To boot why didn’t she ask this member if she would be interested in attending her session? I mean at the time this member approached her she was going around trying to get participants. Am I right? One thing is for sure I would not give her a penny of my hard earned money.