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There was a total Benny Hill moment at the gym today. Some guy was preparing the smith machine but needed the bench as well which was not exactly right behind him but slightly to the left of him. While he was prepping the bar with weights someone grabbed the bench and went across the gym with it. The guy turns around to grab the bench and it’s gone. He’s confused. He looks around in bewilderment. He looked around with his hands by his side, actually doing a full 360, a few times.. eventually he comes to terms that maybe the bench was never there ;). Lol… so off he goes to find a bench.. while he’s searching, two guys come and take residency of the machine he prepped. Guy comes back and he can’t help but laugh.. however, the gents were nice enough to give up the Smith machine for him. And rightfully so.

*imagine all this play out in super fast speed with the Benny Hill theme music*

Too funny.