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I wrote in an earlier post that it was time to cut down on the amount of supplements I spend money on. I am now down to whey protein, real food, creatine and hgh. Creatine is not new to me. Over the years I have been on creatine more times than I can remember. HGH on the other hand is new. I came across an article in muscle and fitness for this factor-9 product. It clearly was an ad but I figured I might as well give it a go. I’ll always try something once. As you can see by the claim on the bottle which I circled a 682% mean increase. Wow. How amazing and legit is that?!! That’s the main reason I decided to buy. NOT. We all know that’s a load of crap.. maybe if you are on your deathbed and you need a boost! Here’s what I can tell you after 30 days. Factor-9 is a waste of money. I have taken the capsules per instruction and I have seen or felt nothing that tells me this product works. As for the creatine? It works. I have been taking both together so how do I know it’s the creatine? Simple. I have experience with creatine. Over the years I have taken it in powder format but this is the first time trying capsules. In both cases I felt a thickness happening and strength increase but with the capsules I don’t feel bloated. Needless to say, I will not buy factor-9 again and I am not even sure that I will finish the supply I have now. The creatine, I will continue to use.

Full disclosure: when I decided to buy factor 9 I did it based solely on the advertisement. I ordered from bodybuilding.com and within days I received it. It was only after ordering it that it dawned on me to see what the reviews were on bodybuilding.com… yes. Sometimes I have brain farts… Anyway, the majority of the reviews were bad. You can add me to that list.