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Hitting the gym today after 3 days off… last Monday I went to see a physio for a shoulder pblm I have been having for years. To be exact, since 2012. That’s the last time I went to see a physio for it. As it turns out I have a really bad perception of time. At my visit when asked when I last had it checked I replied ‘a couple years ago’. Anyway he worked on my shoulder for an hour then offered up 3 exercises I have to do. One as part of my warm up, one between every upper body set and one at home. Nothing complicated. He also told me to avoid a few types of shoulder exercises until things gets better. Anyway on Tuesday I worked out and noticed I was feeling more pain then I had ever felt.. took my usual Wednesday off, tried again Thursday and realized it was probably best to give myself a few days off… so took friday, saturday and sunday off. We shall see how it goes today.