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You know summer is around the corner because lately the gym has been a disaster !! I find myself waiting for everything. The gym isn’t big to begin with and the free weights area is like sardine city. So annoying. I usually work out between 5-7pm but on Tuesday I got so fed up I decided I need to go later. Yesterday I got there for 7pm. It was a gorgeous day so I actually walked to the gym, did my work out and walked back home. The experience was much better. It was less packed. I am not sold on it yet because it was a gorgeous day and before the long weekend. Outside of the walking portion, my routine was not any different then any other time. This morning I awoke with a massive migraine. I don’t get it. I actually got up to take aleve @230am and had to take two more just now. It’s Good Friday but not for me right now. Hoping this migraine is short lived as I don’t want to lose the entire day to this shit!