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Yes, I am still alive! However, the last three weeks have been hell in the migraine department. After two weeks of only being able to hit the gym one time, I was able to get in the three days this week and barely at that. I am a migraine sufferer. To be honest I don’t know what triggers them. I can go to bed fine and wake up with a migraine. Ya, fun stuff. Recently however the migraines are being triggered by a tooth pain. Over two months ago I had a filling replaced on the suggestion of the dentist. Since then I have had to deal with sensitivity on that tooth. Initially I was only feeling the pain when cold or hot hit the tooth… the pain was more pronounced with cold though. Sooo painful. Anyway he gave me some medication which has done zero for the pain in what is now over a month. As well now, since Friday, things have escalated and I am in more pain. I am experiencing pain throughout the day and it’s really messing up my day to day. Well, let’s be straight here it’s been messing up my day to day for a couple months but now it’s unbearable. During this three week period I have also been very inconsistent with using the clear muscle product. I will get back to it this week but I think this ‘experiment’ is no longer legit. In any case I have decided once I complete the bottle I will no longer be using this product again. I will finish off this 12 week challenge but I decided to get a trainer for maybe a month or so. I am looking at 2 workout sessions/week with a trainer while I finish off this 12 week challenge. I feel I need to change things up a little.