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I follow several fitness models on instagram. The reasons are obvious. I mean let’s call a spade a spade. They are all very attractive. And I absolutely love muscle on women. You’ll see by the photos that I’m ok with any degree of muscle on a woman (ok well maybe not any). However, the one thing that became very clear early on is that these women all seem to follow the same PlayBook. They’re constantly doling out ‘inspirational’ quotes or advice. They’re constantly telling you to love yourself and who you are (yet they are clearly trying to change who they are). They try to push out this sense of confidence yet you sense at times a degree of insecurity (and that’s ok). Some have had difficult pasts. They all seem to know each other. They all suggest that you follow the others in their circle. They’re all each others #wcw. They all support and like each others photos. A significant amount are in the nursing industry. I don’t know I just threw that in there. From time to time they post photos of themselves together. Obviously to compare notes and make sure they are always on the same page 😜. They all push products. They all offer online coaching because they all want to see you succeed. Although they are all unique in their own way. In a way they are not.

It’s not to say that everything is all harmony here. There is a faction of fitness models (there always is 😀) that like to throw shade in the direction of these so called fake fitness folks. However, if you actually pay close attention, they are actually no different.

Anyway I definitely don’t want to take away from the work that these models have put in and certainly I don’t want to put everyone in the same basket. In the end though as with alot of things now on social media… there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry as well.

Some of the ladies I follow:

Paige and Lauren.. Seem pretty awesome.. And from all accounts Paige has an amazing sense of humour. Winning!

Sophie here at one point was very raw and green and was sporting long hair… she then disappeared from social media for a while (for personal reasons) and then bammmm… short hair and a different persona is born. She was illuminati’d !!! Lol.

I left these two for last. I mean dear God look at them!! Fantastic!! Cindy and KiKi..such beautiful muscular women. Just plain awesome. KiKi needs to bring it down a few notches on the constant inspirational posts but nonetheless she’s super awesome and apparently somehow timid. Winning!

Btw I have no clue what the Illuminati is all about but I imagine like Scientology they must have different departments 😋