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Here are come quick videos of the life of push,pull and carry. My routine consists of 5 exercises. I have videos of only three.

sled suicides

This video has alot of my back side showing. Apologies for that 😀… you will also notice that I can’t complete it without stopping. So some work to do here.


I love all the exercises I do here at olympia but this one machine I love, love, love. At first I didn’t think I could handle it but turns out I can. Right now the first stretch of 40 yards always seems to be the more shaky one. I seem to get it together on the second stretch. 👍

Farmer’s walk

Notice how I swing left on the start! 😋 I mistakenly increased the weight to more than I should have so I decided to stick with it.

I was not able to get videos of the other two exercises; sled forward press and sled reverse high pull. I think once I get comfortable at olympia I will get someone to do the recording.