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As I wrote in a previous post I have been watching alot of body building related videos since the death of Rich Piana. I don’t know why… mostly it’s because youtube keeps suggesting the videos and sometimes that click bait title is too hard to resist 😋. Anyway one video of Rich that I did not watch implied he was using fake weights for some of his videos. I actually didn’t understand what that meant until I came across this Brad Castleberry guy. I started to see a trend of videos ‘calling out’ this guy for using fake weights in his videos… where he is breaking all kinds of lifting ‘records’. First off, this guy is one hell of a character. You seriously need to watch some of his videos just to see his antics. He definitely has a shtick. Some of the videos where he is getting called out to prove himself are funny in an awkward kind of way. You can actually see that he’s nervous. In one video the guy who is calling him out is in good shape himself. Not like castleberry but good enough. Brad asks the people around them who they think is the actual bodybuilder of the two.. One woman says ‘both’… she’s right. The only difference is that one of them uses steroids. Guess which one… Mr. Castleberry in all his glory.

I won’t add any links to his videos or his instagram … an easy search will get you there. Enjoy the show.

So basically fake weights are weights that are sized and mislabelled to make it look like they are heavier than they really are.

Honest to God.. Paging Eminem again.